Colour Healing Energy Workshop in De Rust

What better way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon in De Rust than participating in a colour workshop – an introduction to Colour Healing Energy. As an artist, anything to do with colour is very exciting; but combine colour and its subtle yet significant effect on our lives and what can be learnt from our awareness of its energy – it’s invaluable!

Just walking up the road to a colour workshop already made me aware of the veritable rainbow around me – even though we’ve had a dry summer and are heading into a cold winter, there’s still so much green around town. The bougainvillea and hibiscus trees with their vibrant, fiery flowers are raging against our somewhat schizophrenic climate, and the town’s 360-degree mountain view lends itself to a backdrop of soft greens and blues. Even the semi-desert is a colourful place!

Colour therapy 01

Karen Miller practises colour healing from her home, which was incidentally one of the houses that had attracted me to De Rust in the first place. I’ll admit, I’m a little green with envy 😉 You know when a house just feels light and comfortable and there’s a balanced energy about it? That’s Karen’s house, which is also adjacent to a beautifully done rock garden made up of just the right balance of solid boulders and flowing labyrinths.

The Colour Healing Energy workshop comprised a range of visualisations and activities with both subtle and overt indicators for what participants need to look at in themselves to find balance and clear away stuck energy. With the right colours in front of me (both literally and in my awareness), it emphasised the areas I need to focus on – creativity and expression being the two I struggle with the most. As someone who writes and paints for a living, surely this shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, it wouldn’t be if I wasn’t overcome by the terror of making mistakes every time I sat down to express myself. Perfectionism much?

Creativity embodies a scary place for me. My challenge is to write the words and paint the pictures anyway, and slowly but surely crawl out of that hole of anxiety and recognise that with each opportunity to manifest my inspiration, I get closer to who I really am. Having this knowing reflected back at me in the form of colour subtleties is powerful stuff…

Colour therapy 02

My favourite part of the workshop was – obviously­ – the drawing exercise. I had committed to leaving my perfectionism at home, so I absolutely relished the opportunity to “free draw” and go beyond memory, straight to a place where no thinking happened before I made the lines on the paper. The most difficult part was drawing while other people were in my space, so to push past those fears and just do it anyway was a big jump towards expressive freedom. I felt that something became unstuck right then.

And the picture? Well, I’ll suspend my fears if you’ll suspend your judgement:

Free drawing

Each form and colour is significant, and while I didn’t necessarily consciously choose the blue, green, orange and purple, I know why they are significant to me and what they represent. The relative symmetry of the image is also interesting, as well as the fact that I filled up the whole page instead of safely staying away from the edges.

And when I have the time and space to give it some focus, I will absolutely be painting this image properly, so get a good look now because it won’t stay this way for long. 😉


An afternoon well spent!

The workshop was two hours long (short?) and I felt very happy with both my contribution as well as the benefits I experienced. There was just one thing that could have made the day even better than it was…

Yup: cake. Karen makes a pretty delicious lemon cake (with its bold citrusy glow), which paired perfectly with a vanilla-infused coffee. What a beautiful afternoon.

Full of colour, cake and coffee, I trundled home with a huge smile on my face (especially with this view), ready to get creative and immerse myself fully in the experience of fearless expression!

Le Roux Street De Rust

If you’re interested in attending a workshop in future, follow the De Rust In Motion Facebook page and look out for the event listings for Irissa Sanctuary, or send a message via that page.

Have a colourful day!


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