A Little Piece of Donkey Heaven

There’s no donkey emoji on WhatsApp, so when I tell people about the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, I add the little unicorn emoji because it’s the same thing – a magical creature with the power to make you smile… BROADLY.

On Monday morning, I was not in 100% good health, but nothing was going to stop me from driving one of my besties an hour down the road to donkey heaven – just a couple of kilometres outside of Prince Albert in the Little Karoo.

Arriving at the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, I was immediately aware of a serene peace about the place. Perhaps it had something to do with the cool and overcast day and the welcome rain that had fallen in this very dry part of our country. Or maybe it was the weather coupled with the neat and organised camps housing an array of animals – most of whom were fat and healthy while others were very much on the mend from former lives of neglect and exploitation.

Having made a special appointment, we were met near the windmill by Kate, who suddenly swept us into an unexpected yet fantastic and engaging tour of the sanctuary. We were introduced to some of the iconic donkeys and horses that have become the faces of goodwill and humanity after being rescued from the Hartswater auction earlier this year, and, having seen the photos, I couldn’t believe that these were the same animals – gleaming coats and big bellies belying the suffering they’d experienced seemingly a lifetime ago.

The sanctuary’s Facebook page has a ton of heart-warming photos of the animals in their care and the stories that accompany them will make you feel like part of the KDS family. How special it was to be able to take some of my own snaps with the especially cuddly donkeys 🙂 I’ll let the pictures tell you the rest…


The landscape surrounding the sanctuary is a huge part of its peaceful and serene feeling.


At KDS, the piggies rule!


Baby Sabrina and Pips having a moment ❤


This pair of survivors making a full and happy recovery. How gorgeous are those socks! (Look at them before [here] to see their incredible transformation.)


The mega herd with the Karoo rains in the distance…


Twinkletoes insisting on love being given and received 😀


The collie isn’t too sure whether pigs should be herded or not… The piggie has other ideas!



First a serious selfie…


Now with a big smile!


First a scratch over here…


… now a hug!


The gorgeousness of Miss Ginger!


Baby Sabrina having a dusty nap…


It’s a donkey’s life at Karoo Donkey Sanctuary!

For anyone who wants to visit the sanctuary, please call 082 900 6103.


Any and all donations welcome. Please use their website donations page here – it’s really easy: DONATE


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