Ray’s and Shine in De Rust

I forget why we planned it like this, but about 10 days ago, Evie and I agreed that we’d go have scones for breakfast after our sunrise walk today. Not gonna lie: I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those scones, so what a build-up to this morning’s treat 😉


We were up and at ’em, treading tarmac and gravel by 6AM, went to feed a neighbour’s (cutest) doggies, then consciously chose all the challenging hills, killing time and calories as the day got brighter, moving ever closer to THE END GOAL.

Ray's Coffee Shop

This morning just seemed different… and not just because it’s windy today. There’s a chill in the air, and while we’re expecting another 36+ degree day tomorrow, the seasons are definitely changing and I’m quite looking forward to winter this year… being better mentally prepared and all.

Before we dive into the good stuff, I’ll recall a story from this morning’s hill climbing:

There’s one deceptively steep hill up 4th Avenue, and it’s the second day in a row now that I’ve crested that hill with an intense experience of gratitude – not just the gratitude that the burning in my glutes can subside, but a general feeling of thankFULLness for the here and now.

Then, we were talking about dreams and goals, and as we crested another one of the monster inclines, Evie said to me, “Just hold that image in your mind…” and I swear this is what I pictured:

Scones and cappuccino

Ray’s Coffee Shop is at the end of Schoeman Street before the bridge on the Meiringspoort side of De Rust. The menu is full of firm favourites – no matter what you decide to eat, you can’t go wrong. And the coffee is consistently amazing.

After 10 days of 5+km walks, culminating in today’s efforts at such a friendly destination, I immersed myself completely in the indulgence of dessert for breakfast. Because look at them… just LOOK AT THEM.


What a perfect way to start the day, enjoying a (second) cappuccino and this as a backdrop:

De Rust

I still get asked, nearly a year after moving here, whether we’re still happy about our decision to live in De Rust. Question is: what do you think?


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