Welcome to Tiny De Rust

Before relocating from Johannesburg to De Rust, I read an article somewhere that said urbanites moving to the countryside needed to find things to keep them entertained or the threat of boredom would become very real.

Boredom? That’s a swearword in my vocabulary…

The solution in the aforementioned article was to take pleasure in the little things. While I agree for the most part with the idea of appreciating the little things, I beg to differ about the “little” in little things, and think that the so-called little things are actually quite significant.

Stars are far away and may seem “little”, but they’re enormous when you look at them up close (theoretically, otherwise send me a postcard from space, k?).

It was only when I really started looking closely at the little things that whole worlds opened up… most of which were right in my backyard! So in the spirit of appreciating the little things, welcome to Tiny De Rust.

Enjoy the view from down here:


Winter morning rain basking in the sunlight


Frog trapped in the watering can (until I freed it)


No matter what time of year, the bees are ALWAYS working

Can you see me.jpg

Practically languishing in the pollen


In intense conversation…


A whole universe on each anther


Another busy bee…


Nature’s creative side loves knee-high socks


Infinite potential… if we just look

Three friends.jpg

Three friends in this picture. Can you spot them all?


A dinosaur in the backyard

Acacia Karoo.jpg

A house made of cotton candy (Acacia Karoo tree)


A little puffball on a Monday morning


So much incy-wincy on such a little flower

Full display.jpg

On full display in the summer

My pyjamas.jpg

And in fancy summer pyjamas!

All photos shot with an LG G4 smartphone (which has an amazing camera… for a phone).


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Tiny De Rust

    • It’s usually so bright outside that I’m “shooting blind”… then I find these gems on my phone when I transfer them to a bigger screen. Did you see that the big bug lost part of its leg? Nature has so many stories to tell ❤


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