De Rust Catching Fire

Our beloved Swartberg Mountain was reignited sometime over the weekend – a wry reminder of the devastating fires in the area just a couple of months ago. Subsequently it’s rained beautifully; the weather bringing with it a cooler evening air and a persistent breeze… whispering that seasonal change is coming.

Our 05h30 walks need long sleeves all of a sudden.

This morning our little village caught fire in a different way. Pertinently reminded that it’s not the sun that’s rising, but rather the earth that’s revolving – so we moved ever so slowly into a position that revealed the sun’s beauty.

Here are 9 of exactly the same image. Notice the subtle changes in the light, the clouds, and the revelation of a new day.



2 thoughts on “De Rust Catching Fire

    • The rain is a bit of a double-edged sword here. Because our water supply comes from a natural source, and that natural source was obliterated with the big fires in December, every time it rains, the water coming from our taps turns a bit silty and almost black. Clears up after a couple of days. It’s not potable, but at least there’s water, and the problem – now that it’s been highlighted – is being worked on. Hope you can make a plan to come visit soon and experience country life for a bit x


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