Waking up to potential

After just one week, it’s getting easier to wake up at 05h00 and simply fall into my running (okay, walking) shoes, with the odd occasion – like yesterday – when I wouldn’t trade my walk for even the deepest sleep.

I wonder what the sunrise has in store for us this morning…

The sun overslept by 7 minutes, but its reputation preceded it as its rays reached out and touched the mountains. “I’m on my way” – its rose-coloured message prescient to the dazzling light that would soon break over the horizon.


The sun of these intense summer mornings often burns off any possible clouds, but I knew that yesterday morning’s thin streaky stalwarts would provide some interest to the familiar outline of the mountain tops. Just look at that colour spectrum and tell me nature isn’t the artist we all aspire to be…


With the sun up and starting the day, we moved off to the other side of the koppie where I learned patience.

Like these Echinopsis spachiana* (or simply “cactus” 😉 ), I am no more able to speed up the manifestation of the life I’m working towards – dreams like big white flowers – than the cacti are to will the sun’s rays to reach them faster. The trick to complete happiness is to know that it’s coming – to revel in the anticipation of the sunshine. It will arrive, but you still have the now; the wait; the lesson.


And it’s always more fun to be in anticipation together… so that you’ve got others to celebrate with when it does arrive.


Such proliferation in the desert – proof that intention pulls life from even the hardest circumstances.

* It’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of plant research. Please correct this if I’m wrong…


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