Catching the Worm in the Klein Karoo



What an abrasive word in a place like this. Why get up at the arse-crack of dawn when you can languish in bed until 10h00 before taking your filtered coffee on the terrace, staring at the mountain and wondering which landscape to paint next?

(I don’t have a terrace, nor do I paint landscapes yet, but I’m using this scene to make a point…)

As idyllic as my posts on social media may seem, Mr R and I work extremely hard (as most mid-thirty-somethings do) in order to make the most of our opportunity to live so out of the way in De Rust. However, things have taken a turn for me and now it’s time to work even harder – the only solution being to wake up early and get my day going before the sun is even up.

Nocturnal bird

And I tried.

I would set three wake-up-lazy-pants alarms, but each of them became easier to snooze, simply because I could; because I wasn’t accountable to anyone. I would then imagine powering my way up and down the steep inclines of our immaculately tarred roads, and out into the vegetation on the koppies… only to wake up an hour later and think: Oh well, may as well get to my desk and start my day.

But a late start means a late finish… and I have no problem going to bed at 02h00 thinking I can squeeze the most out of my days.

Early bird(s)

I do need to be outside and get the legs moving and the old ticker going. Weekly yoga has been a great test of how much it’s possible to achieve by 07h30, so now I’ve committed to early morning walks as a way to reprogramme my routine (which is crazy, but it’s working).

So as a commitment to making permanent positive changes for higher productivity this year, the De Rust Sunrise Photos will become a thing. My walking buddy and I time our walks so that we are on the hilltop at the same time as the sunrise – the proverbial worm to our earlybird tendencies. Please enjoy what we’ve been blessed enough to see with our own eyes so far:


1 February 2017 – 05h57: Blessed by the sunrise at the start of a new routine.


3 February 2017 – 05h59: How gorgeous are those first red hues just kissing the sides of the koppie and the Swartberg in the distance.


A really over-filtered image, but it’s closer to what the sunrise looked like in real life than what my camera would allow. A truly stunning vantage point.

Happy Friday!


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